Coming soon! KM-80C-HC Crescent Ice Maker – Self-Contained 91000149

Hoshizaki KM-80C-HC Crescent Cube Ice Machine


• Individually shaped crescent ice.
• Protected by HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent.
• CycleSaver® technology includes a double-sided evaporator, uniquely crafted in stainless steel, which produces ice on both sides, resulting in more ice in less
amount of time.
• EverCheck™ Control Board with audible alarm and diagnostic features, designed to assist service technicians in diagnosing problems.
• Accessible digital operation panel allows for easy identification of operation status and cause of faults.
• Fully automated chemical cleaning function makes cleaning simple and saves time.
• Durable stainless steel exterior.
• Easily removable & cleanable air filters on front panel.
• Accessories : Manual, Scoop, legs, check valve. (water filter sold separately)

91000149 Hoshizaki KM-80C-HC

The New KM80C-HC models are coming! 


Production Capacity / 24hrs – Approx. 68kg @ 21°C Air temp; 15°C Water
Approx. 55kg @32°C Air temp; 21°C Water
Bin Storage Capacity Approx. 34kg (Bin Control Setting Approx. 29kg)
Freeze Cycle Time Approx. 23 Min (At. 21°C Air ; 15°C Water)
Ice Production / cycle Approx. 1.15kg/130pcs
Dimensions 605mm (W) x 712mm (D) x 838mm (H) (982-1005mm [H] if installed with legs)
Cooling Air
Weight Net/Gross (kg) 50/63
AC Supply Voltage 1 PHASE 220-240V 50Hz / 10amp Plug
Amperage Running: 2.1A
Refrigerant Charge R290/147g
Operating Conditions:
Ambient Temp. 7-38°C
Water Supply Temp. 7-32°C
Water Supply Pressure 0.07-0.078MPa (0.7-7.8bar)
Voltage Range 198-254V
Electrical consumption 12.4kWh per 100kg ice (AT. 32°C; WT 21°C)
Water Consumption / 24hrs Approx. 0.18m3/d (AT. 21°C ; WT 15°C)
Compatible Water Filter HLF10 Filter System (sold separately)


• Qualified plumber required for installation.
• Allow 15cm clearance at rear, sides and top for proper air circulation and ease of mainatenance.
• Hoshizaki recommends the use of a compatible water filter to prevent non-warrantable scale & sediment complications.
*Refer to manual for full installation & maintenance requirements.

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