Hoshizaki FM-1000AKE Ice Flaker Machine

Hoshizaki FM-1000AKE Ice Flaker Machine

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Hoshizaki FM-1000AKE Ice Flaker Machine

Worlds Best Flaker 

FM-1000AKE Series

FM-1000AKE ICE PRODUCTION PER 24 HOURS (APPROX)Air temp: 21°C Water temp: 15°C – 890kg
Air temp: 32°C Water temp: 21°C – 740kg
2 year parts & labour on entire unit, 5 year (parts only) on compressor & air cooled condenser coil

Head size- 762 x 700 x 780MM H

FM series produce flake or nugget ice
“Freeze Burn” is no longer an issue when displaying fresh fish or produce
Carbon auger bearings have a longer life expectancy than roller bearing, reducing maintenance costs
Automatic flush function, helps keep the ice making system clean
Controller board with Operational Status display assists in trouble shooting
Due to the auger system, water consumption is equal to ice production
Can be converted to Nugget ice by changing the extruding head and cutter (parts at an additional cost)

Bin B501 with 8D top Kit 217 KG Storage
Bin B801 with 8D+ 18D top Kit 348 KG Storage
Bin B1300SS  Universal  Kit 578 KG Storage
Bin B1500SS  Universal  Kit 680 KG Storage


Water Filter with Head bracket QL-2 to Suit Hoshizaki
HLF20CX+QL-2 Price $232.00 plus gst

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